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“Before Mydatarecovery was established, institutions and companies that needed data recovery services were plagued by a lot of concerns on data security like, confidentiality breach, improper handling of data recovery cases, lack of access to qualified and certified professionals, and having no choice but to resort to third-party hardware vendors or computer service repair centers that were often not equipped to handle the cases properly."

We took it upon ourselves to remove all these barriers and help in the advocacy and education on data loss prevention and secure data recovery processes. With our proprietary technology, dedicated staff, and world-class data recovery equipment and facilities, business continuity has never been easier and more accessible.

For the last thirteen years, we’ve taken great pride and joy in the fact that Mydatarecovery has been able to serve more than 1,200 companies in Malaysia – from big multinationals to small and medium scale enterprises. To date, we have successfully processed 9870 recovery cases and that established ourselves as the preferred business continuity partners of our customers by providing customized data recovery solutions combined with warm personalized service.


But our company’s journey has just begun. We know that there are many companies, institutions, and individuals in Malaysia that we can help by simply reaching out to them through advocacy and education, keeping our technology more and more accessible, and keeping our customer service level secured and flawless. Our vision for Mydatarecovery is to grow and maintain its status as Malaysia’s most trusted and preferred provider of data recovery service. We promise to always exceed your expectations, and perform within your industry standards no matter how stringent the resulting data recovery service strategy will have to be. To us, nothing is more important than giving you back your valuable data and giving you peace of mind that it will always be business as usual, with Mydatarecovery at your service.”

Mydatarecovery’s vision is to become Malaysia’s most trusted and preferred provider of data recovery services.

Our mission is to provide you with the most secure, fastest, and highest success rate data recovery service possible. Our goal is to always handle your requirements in a personalized manner. We acknowledge that you, our customers are individually unique and your data recovery requirements should always be handled with customized solutions. Our company operates based on the principles of Security, Adaptability, Dependability, and Customer Focus. We know that your data is one of your most important assets. We protect that fact every time you endorse your trust to us. We recover your data in a way that suits your data handling standards no matter how stringent. To us, nothing is more important than giving you back your valuable data in the most seamless possible methodology.


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