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Feature Case: Sime Darby Berhad Malaysia

Sustainable business is the way to go for Sime Darby. Temporary setbacks brought about by unanticipated data loss due to unexpected malfunction of RAID array system was an example of incidences not tolerated under the careful watch of their very proactive and dependable IT Department. With Mydatarecovery’s speed and expertise, Sime Darby’s IT department had literally no downtime at all. 

The error was spotted by Sime Darby’s IT staff when an “NT Loader Failure” message appeared on his screen. The server – Dell Enterprise with RAID 5 array architecture with 8 SAS hard drives - was still able to boot after a few attempts but the staff could not access the data. 

It was the RAID 5 array set that showed two RAID array drives had failed – trapping years of project reports, databases, and very important files inaccessible. It was determined that one SAS drive suffered from an internal mechanical read-and-write head weakening issue resulting in failure to access the stored data, and the other one with massive of unread sectors issue. Sime Darby’s failed drives problem was personally handled by Mydatarecovery’s data recovery engineer. To ensure that the inaccessible data remains confidential with the data owner, Mydatarecovery’ signed a Non-Disclosure-Agreement before any hardware assessment was executed.

The assessment of the problem drives was performed within Sime Darby’s company premises too. To immediately recover the company’s valuable information the problem drives was personally hand-carried by Mydatarecovery’’s Account Manager to their data recovery lab so that a mechanical head swap operation can be performed inside 
their Class 100 Clean Room. 


This procedure – customized to the drive’s damage case –entailed swapping of the bad mechanical head with a good one to enable the reconstruction of a virtual RAID array drive. 99.6% of the files were recovered and delivered to Sime Darby immediately. As for the failed drives, they were sent back to Sime Darby after their images was reconstructed. The duplicated files which were temporarily stored in Mydatarecovery’s lab computer were all wiped off without any trace - ensuring that the client’s confidentiality and full ownership of data were protected.

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Experiences of our customers
Because data recovery is a matter of trust!

It is hard to find a quality and reliable solution provider. Tried searching on google on how to repair and recover data from SSD and was informed by one provider that currently SSD data cannot be recovered due to technology limitation in this world for the moment. Further Google searches and I stumbled upon MyDataRecovery. Kenneth was enthusiastic to meet up to check on the SSD after listening to me. Went to his office, passed him the SSD and after a few days and Voila, i got my data back today. I think its close to 100% recovery. Leaving a positive comment here could not justify my gratitude to him. Now i'll know where to go if ever i have storage media issues again.

Alex CT

I cannot thank you enough for your assistance and professionalism in data recovery from my external hard disk. It is so refreshing to receive prompt and professional service.  I do wish you every success at the Mydatarecovery as you deserve it. Thank you again. 

Joseph Dass
Assistant Manager - IT


The services has performance like no one else in the Kuala Lumpur as far as I am aware. Before coming to see them, I was almost feed up as two other company has mentioned that no hope to recover the data. What a blessing it is to have been introduce to MyDataRecovery!

Trisakti Kurniawan

Very pleased with their service. Had a major issue with my SSD and it could not be read. Took it to a few IT shops and was told that I can't retrieve my files and that I just need to go ahead and reformat it. Thanks to MyDataRecovery I was able to completely retrieve all my files. Highly recommend them if you need to retrieve data that's deemed "lost"

Kamesh Murari

Had an SSD controller failure, and lost a lot of critical data, They were able to get it back to me in under a week with flawless recovery. With friendly and professional service on top of great results I will definitely be using their services in the future if bad luck ever strikes again!

Lee Williams

Satisfied with the service provided by you, it was good and fast recovery. I was able to get back everything that I wanted. It was a good job!. 

Jasvinder Singh,
YTL Hotels & Properties

The worst experience in my professional career is having a hard disk crash at the most critical moment. This was when I discovered that Mydatarecovery does live up to its motto, “We recover what others Claimed Unrecoverable”.

Benjamin Wong
Director, Operations and Human Resource

Was frustrated when my HDD suddenly failed. And I search through the internet to look for data recovery service. Happy to found Mydatarecovery, and manage to get back almost 100% of data. Really happy to get all my doc back!

Azuri Aminuddin,
Engineering Assistant Manager

I experienced data loss in 2 occasions, one is while transferring from hard disk to pendrive, another is due to antivirus cleanup process. I asked around for data recovery company but no positive feedback. While searching through the net I found Dareco Origin. I'm very happy that they were able to recover my data sufficient enough to save my career! After that, I have also recommended their services to my friends. 

Abdillah Mohd Ali,

Directly come to your office to fix my failed HDD and almost 90% of the data was recovered. I was satisfied with your services so I send a second HDD for you to recover. And my customer was happy with it.

Sim Kok Kheng,
Technical Manager

I got to know Mydatarecovery after several searches from the net.  First, I called in and was attended by Kenneth. His voice and tone were 4P’s –pleasant, patient, polite, and professional.  He indeed patiently explained to me about almost everything that I needed to know, and above all; I couldn’t find the location, and Kenneth again patiently guided me.  Having to meet him then, he was indeed a 4P’s guy.  We chatted and exchanged introduction, and got to know we both intertwined by knowing off another friend, that relate us somehow better.  I passed on my HDD, with rest assured Mydatarecovery can help to solve it somehow.

True enough, less than a week (I supposed within 3-4 days), Kenneth called up and told me my problem been fixed.  Again, I dropped by.  This time, Kenneth plugged in my HDD and showed me what were those files that been successfully recovered.  I was much delighted to know, much of my information been restored.  I think up to 90%, and that was truly good enough as my most precious information were my family photos especially those from my first born! 

Not only such, as my crashed HDD was still under warranty, Kenneth also offers to help me through to get it sent back to Singapore and get for an exchange.  Those steps can be a horror to me, as there will be lots of communications and confirmations needed.  By Mydatarecovery having to arrange for me, I will be much a happier and satisfied customer then.  Within a week or so, I indeed got back my new exchange without any cost, even the delivery cost was borned by the HDD’s Company; all been arranged accordingly.

I herein wish Mydatarecovery to maintain or even exceed such already-good status quo.  More importantly, to have such great stakeholdership alike Kenneth, I believe more prospects are to be comforted, satisfied, and pleased.  In contrary, I actually don’t hope to drop by Mydatarecovery in a way…if so, means I will have another crashed HDD, haiyor!!

Casper Chooi,

Manager of Business Development Department

When my hard disk went bust, I was devastated as I had so much information that was not backed up elsewhere. I thought everything was lost. I was then informed of Mydatarecovery from our contract IT company. How relieved I was when the data was finally recovered. I got almost every file and folder I needed. Out of the thousands of files that I wanted, only about 3 or 4 were not recoverable. This is absolutely wonderful. Thank you.

Andrew Thambiah 
Torin Industries (M) Sdn Bhd

I went to a company that I have forgotten the name, but due to the price and the customer service attitude, I decided to find another company. I manage to find your company online and there were more details on how you recover my HDD, so I emailed to enquires and was happy with the fast response from you guys. The price was reasonable and almost 70% of my data were able to be recover. 

Amir Mirshekari

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